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Piggycoin entering in schools – Official Announcement

Posted by | 2014-05-09 | Official Statements | No Comments

So, this week has been pretty big for us here at Piggycoin – we’ve released a web wallet and an android wallet, we’ve partnered with the guys over at 88Bikes Charity to help raise money to buy bicycles for the underprivileged in third-world areas – and we’ve almost completed our goal within two days of the Piggycoin Foundation being announce! – and we’ve also released an updated version of the Hot Piggy game, opened a store for all of you to spend your piggies in, and even set up a direct USD to PIG facility.

Here at Piggycoin, we don’t like to leave anybody out, which is why we also announced our partnership with CoinKing to create a multipool for the Piggy mining community. (*spoiler alert* this isn’t the only technical advancement coming for Piggycoin!)

However, we know you’ve all been waiting for today’s announcement. We realise that even with the mass of announcements we’ve already revealed, these things have become regularities in cryptocurrency – many coins have android wallets, and multipools have almost become a necessity for the newer coins to get attention. But what really matters to us, and hopefully to all of you cryptolovers too, is the adoption of our cryptocurrencies in the real world…

And so, we are extremely proud to announce that Piggycoin will be going that extra mile for cryptocurrency around the world. As a coin, our aim has always been to educate people, mainly children, in the world of crypto, as we believe that if we cannot get kids interested in our developing world, then crypto will ultimately fail in the real world.

For this reason, we are excited and honoured to reveal that Piggycoin has established links with various schools and teachers to work on, and ultimately adopt, our project. Piggycoin will be alive and kicking in the classrooms of kids of all ages, and the little pigs of Piggyville will be there to teach and guide children not only in cryptocurrency, but also economics, maths and communication skills. ‘How will this be achieved?’ I hear you ask. Well, firstly a beta interactive game is in the works to be included in lessons within the schools, to help structure the teachers’ lesson plans. We have an active team working on this project. We are also looking to then build a series of these interactive games, possibly using the beta class to help develop the Piggy Episodes for the younger children. Our aim is to then have this series of educational games implemented in schools for all ages of students, and eventually extending to schools globally! How does this relate to the coin? I’m glad you asked, the teachers will use these Piggy-related lesson plans to teach their students, rewarding them with Piggycoins as the interactive storylines progress. Students will be taught the fundamentals of cryptocurrency in these games, whilst also learning the fundamentals of regular school subjects.

There is a lot more to come from us, you can count on that – and hey, we invite you extend your hand in this project and help us to help the world take an active interest in cryptocurrency. Thank you to all who have believe in us, and a special thank you to the teachers who have reached out to us with open arms with regards to our Piggy project!

Further details will be revealed soon!