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A Whole Lot More From Piggycoin

Posted by | 2014-03-26 | Nik's Column | No Comments

So, there have been some pretty exciting ideas being floated around for the future of Piggycoin recently. For one, the dev team have just launched the new website, and with its easy-read guides – introducing children to the world of cryptocurrency – I think it has built a solid foundation for future development. Not only is the newly-fashioned website deeply informative, but also draws heavily on the playful nature of ‘PiggyVille’; a similar concept to that of Club Penguin and Neopets, which I think will do wonders for the coin. What I personally find the most appealing from the new website is the Flying Piggy game, resemblant of the popular ‘Flappy Bird’ game that dominated iPhones and iPads from its release. There is also the possibility of a weekly ranking system being introduced for the game, allowing the highest scores of the week to earn Piggycoins for their endeavours. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to earn coins for playing highly-addictive games? There is a lot more to look forward to from Piggycoin, as the website is constantly being developed, and the educative faucet is already running smoothly as part of the PiggyTeach initiative.

Moving away from just the website, there is even greater excitement to be found from the ideas being established on the bitcointalk thread for the coin. A huge problem, not only in the cryptocurrency world but the world in general, is that of greed. Being a currency aimed mainly towards children, Piggycoin has had its sights set on drifting away from the overwhelming sense of greed apparent in the altcoin realm, and so, is looking to partner with orphanages and children’s charities in an attempt to raise awareness for neglected and underprivileged children. This would also help with raising awareness for the bright future of cryptocurrencies, whilst fulfilling the desire of the dev team to allow kids from all backgrounds to get involved in Piggycoin. It seems as though plans are also being made for Piggycoin to set up its own charitable children’s foundation some time in the future, which could be a huge, favourable step towards introducing crypto to the rest of the world.

I am very intrigued to see where the future of Piggycoin lies, with so many fascinating possibilities awaiting ‘The Children’s Bitcoin’.