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NovaExchange closing down

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NovaExchange is closing down. Please withdraw your coins by March 2018.


Kindly note “Novaexchange” will have new owners and management effective April 2018, with major upgrades to the exchange to better handle scaling, stability and security.

For better management and security of customer funds we have decided to close down Novaexchange so that the users can withdraw all their funds with no participation/responsibility of action of the new management.

Preliminary plan:
2017-10-30 This information goes public, user registration closes, addcoin page closes, disabling deposits of ETC and ETH
2017-11-30 Deposits disabled for ALL coins, all users get level 3 verified account level
2017-12-15 ONE last deposit scan to take care of deposits made after 2017-11-30
2018-01-31 Email reminder to all registered users
2018-02-28 Trading engine stops, dice game stops, API stops
2018-03-31 Login stop, website replaced with information
2018-04-15 Support closes, all Novaexchange user data removed

Remaining user balances that has not been withdrawn before 2018-04-01 will be considered a donation and is not refundable.

POSWallet.com delisting

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The majority of coins are being delisted from PoSWallet, both the exchange and the staking wallet. They are apparently changing to focus on fewer coins, though will re-add some delisted coins back later.

PiggyCoin is being delisted on 6th June. Please withdraw your coins from there immediately, to another exchange such as Cryptopia, or to your personal PiggyBank.

News Update – April 2017

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PIGGY is now traded against POSW at poswallet.com!

(POSW is a coin made to support PoSWallet.com.)

Unfortunately the NovaExchange.com PIGGY basemarkets (where you could buy many altcoins using your PIGGY) are closing due to low volume! Please close any open orders you have on the PIGGY basemarkets there in case it doesn’t happen automatically. Note that you can still buy and sell PIGGY using Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc.

Coinomi mobile wallet addition

We just need two servers to make this happen. 4 GB RAM each would probably be enough. Mo is contributing 6 EUR/month for a Scaleway VPS and neurocis is looking into having the other one on his property. Please contact neurocis if you want to contribute towards a second Scaleway VPS as that might be quicker to set up.

Call for PiggyCoin educational materials

We recently got an e-mail from a homeschooling group asking for cryptocurrency educational resources. Aside from Mo’s crossword, there aren’t really any educational materials out there for PIGGY. Doesn’t anyone want to make some? There is money to pay bounties…

PiggyCoin added to POSWallet

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PiggyCoin was added to the online staking wallet POSWallet.com! You can upload your PIGGYs and other proof-of-stake coins there and leave them working to make interest for you while you enjoy an iced truffle drink.

They also have a faucet (= free coins) and block explorer. Check them out!

Like an exchange, be careful about leaving many PIGGY there for a long period of time. The PIGGYs in your own PiggyBank are the only ones that you truly control.

New exchanges roundup

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PiggyCoin was added to some more exchanges recently:

NovaExchange, based in Sweden apparently, has been going for a while:


and they even have some PIGGY basemarkets! Examples:


TradeSatoshi, a new exchange with a London, England, mailing address, are in beta until December.


Crypto-Trade, not sure where they’re based, even have some fiat deposit options! Their user interface could use some work though.


Note: Please don’t keep too much money on an exchange in case it gets hacked or the exchange owner runs away! Be sure to use 2FA/MFA if possible!

An easy way to use IRC

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Just a reminder: We do have an IRC (chat) channel, #piggy, which we gather on quite regularly. If you don’t like “traditional” IRC (and I don’t) you can connect via a bridge like matrix/vector chat at this link:


One benefit of this “bridge” method is you can lurk in the channel from multiple devices, there’s web and mobile clients, and history is searchable.


— neurocis, Lead Developer of PiggyCoin

Delisted from Poloniex! But added to CoinExchange!

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We’ve been delisted from Poloniex :8[ Please withdraw your coins from there at your earliest convenience.

We are still listed on Cryptopia.co.nz, and we’ve recently been added to a new exchange, CoinExchange.io :8] However, please do not use an exchange as your main PiggyBank — If you have a significant amount of coins, withdraw them to a Desktop PiggyBank (wallet) and be sure to make a backup of your wallet.dat file!