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EasySend Official Announcement

Posted by | 2014-07-10 | Official Statements | No Comments

The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce you all to our latest crypto innovation, EasySend.

EasySend is an easy way to find out and share your friends’ addresses.  One of the main problems that cryptocurrency real-world adoption faces is how big and clumsy crypto addresses are.   Your PiggyCoin address is something like “pqC4gz4s6rRvNcnrRnjbjYhUFuWHVzWQE8″— not that easy to share with your friends and impossible to memorize.

EasySend fights this problem by creating a giant database that associates your nickname with your address, for all the world to see.  Go ahead and try it out: add your address to the database.

Now you can share your nickname with your friends and they will have immediate access to your address as well!  The possibilities are endless.  EasySend will be eventually integrated with wallets, making big, clumsy PiggyCoin addresses a thing of the past.

And there’s more.  We decided to let nicknames be associated to non-piggycoin addresses too, because we understand that innovation must be shared to advance the crypto community as a whole.

Stay tuned for more #piggyweek innovations, 10-13 July at 8pm GMT.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team