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88Bikes granting a child a bike.


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88 Bikes

We are currently supporting the site called 88 Bikes. With our help, they can provide bikes to the more unfortunate in Southeast Asia and other third world areas to help them travel. These youngesters have suffered from all kind of things we do not experience, like painful trips just to get to contaminated water. We should help them because we have the resources to do so, even if it is through PiggyCoins. You can read more about the organization here.

We are currently looking to donate 10 bikes.

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About the Foundation

Non Profit

We make sure every PiggyCoin is donated to the organization we are sponsoring, in this case, we are sponsoring 88 Bikes. The PiggyCoin Foundation pays for its own sites, so it is completely nonprofit. We have confirmed 88 Bikes also donates every single penny to the cause they are sponsoring.


After you donate, the PiggyCoins are stored in a high grade security web server. When there is enough to sponsor the organization significantly, we convert the Piggies to USD through an exchange. Because we want the most out of the donations, the exchange process may take up to 30 days.

Our Mission

Why are we doing this? Giving to those in need is a very important part of life and relieves our self-centeredness. It is not about how much PiggyCoins you have; it is how you can put those Piggies into change.


You can count on us for ensuring that your donation counts (no pun intended). If for some reason we cannot utilize the donations, you will be sent an email to claim the PiggyCoins you have donated. The case is extremely rare.

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Visit our website at! Discover mini games and educational resources for your child to enjoy!

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