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HotPiggy 2.0, PiggyShop & VoucherShop Official Announcement

Posted by | 2014-05-08 | Official Statements | No Comments

The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets not one…. not two…. but THREE Brand new PiggyCoin Announcements – PiggCoin Vouchers, PiggyCoin Online Store and The massively addictive game HotPiggy by PiggyCoin.

The PiggyCoin Development team have been working tirelessly to allow parents and kids alike to procure their PIG digital currency for use on their Digital ePiggybanks [Android and Web]. Exchanges come with high risk and we want to protect our little Piglets and their parents from this risk. With the introduction of a Voucher system, parents can now buy PIG using traditional purchasing methods like Paypal. The PiggyCoin team won’t wait for markets to react to the PIG target price of 1 PIG = 1cent [0.0002272 BTC as of May 8th], and will continue to strive to achieve this through its voucher system. So get your vouchers today at https://www.piggy-coin.com/vouchershop/ and bring your friends and family into the Digital Cryptocurrency era safely and secure using PiggyCoin.

Want some PiggyCoin Swag? Checkout our online PiggyCoin StoreT-Shirts, Mugs…. WOW – PiggyCoin Monopoly?! 

Lastly for today, we have our very addictive game 2.0 – HotPiggy
Android version also available here

Piggy went for a jog and he needs your help, run as far as you can and catch commits to upgrade your Piggy:
-Buy Piggy-clones to keep Piggy running when you die.
-Buy extra jumps to jump one more time if you fall!
-Earn even more commits by upgrading your magnet.
Try to beat the daily score or even the all time score! If you get really good you can win PiggyCoins playing the web version here: https://www.piggy-coin.com/games/

Don’t forget we’ll be doing this all again tomorrow at the same time for another PiggyWeek Announcement – What will it be? Oink OINK OINK!!

PiggyCoin Dev Team