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Privacy Policy for My New PiggyBank on the Google Play Store

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Privacy Policy
This app merely acts as an interface to the Online PiggyBank which you can find at https://piggybank.piggy-coin.com.

No personally-identifying information is requested nor collected. The camera is used to scan QR codes as a fast way of inputting PiggyCoin addresses. The QR code is calculated on your device from the photo taken, so the photo is not sent anywhere.

PiggyCoin added to POSWallet

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PiggyCoin was added to the online staking wallet POSWallet.com! You can upload your PIGGYs and other proof-of-stake coins there and leave them working to make interest for you while you enjoy an iced truffle drink.

They also have a faucet (= free coins) and block explorer. Check them out!

Like an exchange, be careful about leaving many PIGGY there for a long period of time. The PIGGYs in your own PiggyBank are the only ones that you truly control.

New exchanges roundup

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PiggyCoin was added to some more exchanges recently:

NovaExchange, based in Sweden apparently, has been going for a while:


and they even have some PIGGY basemarkets! Examples:


TradeSatoshi, a new exchange with a London, England, mailing address, are in beta until December.


Crypto-Trade, not sure where they’re based, even have some fiat deposit options! Their user interface could use some work though.


Note: Please don’t keep too much money on an exchange in case it gets hacked or the exchange owner runs away! Be sure to use 2FA/MFA if possible!

An easy way to use IRC

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Just a reminder: We do have an IRC (chat) channel, #piggy, which we gather on quite regularly. If you don’t like “traditional” IRC (and I don’t) you can connect via a bridge like matrix/vector chat at this link:


One benefit of this “bridge” method is you can lurk in the channel from multiple devices, there’s web and mobile clients, and history is searchable.


— neurocis, Lead Developer of PiggyCoin