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PiggyCoin Foundation Official Announcement

Posted by | 2014-05-06 | Official Statements | No Comments

The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets, our Brand Piggy New – PiggyCoin Foundation.

What is the PiggyCoin Foundation I hear you say?
Well PiggyCoin was born out of the ideology of teaching the next generation how to manage financials and to introduce them to CrytoCurrencies as a whole – This also gave us the opportunity to teach the practice of giving and caring – To donate to Charity is a part of life we all take part in. Our little Piggies should learn this too.

The PiggyCoin Foundation starts to bridge the gap between the Digital World and the Real World. It’s time we integrated our Cryptocurrency movement more deeply into the public domain, what better way to do this than to help charities bettering the world we live in. Join us little Piglets!

PiggyCoin has teamed up with 88 Bikes, to try and give something back to those in need.

88Bikes provides bikes to the more unfortunate in Southeast Asia and other third world areas to help them travel. These youngesters have suffered from all kind of things we do not experience, like painful trips just to get to contaminated water.
As this is the first Donation the PiggyCoin Foundation site is running, the Development team has decided to donate half of the coins (1M)! Thats right. PiggyCoin will donate half of the coins we need to reach our goal of helping 88Bikes – So donate today – your help is well received.

As with all Foundations, PiggyCoin Foundation has been built to be compliant and transparent. We will make clear on all of our documentation and pages the progress of your PiggyCoin donations as they make their way to the target charity or cause.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team