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Android Piggybank & Multipool Official Announcement

Posted by | 2014-05-07 | Official Statements | No Comments

The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets, our Brand Android Piggybank! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piggycoin.piggybank

During PiggyWeek we announced on Monday May 5th our online e-PiggyBank – but we’re not stopping there, we’re making sure that you can access your PIG anywhere and everywhere, so we’ve built an e-PiggyBank for your smartphone.

So get to it, launch your mobile PiggyBank today!

But wait! We’re not stopping there. In todays PiggyWeek Announcement, we’re going to let all our Piglets know that The PiggyCoin Development team has joined up with CoinKing.io to act as PiggyCoin’s very first MULTIPOOL

That’s right – you can mine coins at CoinKing.io and convert back into PIG. With their proprietary advanced algorithm for profitability rotation system in place, you can use your mining rigs to best accumulate PIG.