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Project Piggycoin Official Announcement

Posted by | 2014-07-11 | Official Statements | No Comments

The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce you all to our latest crypto innovation, Project Piggycoin.

“Project Piggycoin” is a project started and maintained by the Piggycoin Team. The main goal of this project is to face the biggest problem of the altcoin era, the dependency that coins have on their devs and how that dependency ends up killing them somehow.

At Piggycoin the development team is working as hard as we can to bring new updates and to keep the community happy but in the end this coin shouldn’t be from the developers to the community, it should be from the community to the community, we are working together with one goal in common and “Project Piggycoin” wants to facilitate that.
This is where you, as a community member, enter the equation! Do you have an idea, a project you would like develop? Share it with us!

If the community likes your project you will be rewarded for it and the Piggycoin Team will personally help you with the development. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to enter the cryptoworld in a fun and exciting way, who knows if this isn’t the first of many projects, a door that will lead you to crypto success!


Stay tuned for more #piggyweek innovations, 10-13 July at 8pm GMT.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team