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Testing the Waters

Posted by | 2014-03-24 | Nik's Column | No Comments
Piggycoin. Where do I start? I guess I stumbled into this farm-favourite cryptocurrency through browsing some altcoin forums – and having been through tonnes of different coins which did not stand out one bit, I came across Piggycoin, and was instantly hooked. It appealed to the not only the crypto-addict within me, but also brought back feelings of nostalgia from when I was a young child and received loose change to save in my own piggybank. The branding is one-of-a-kind with Piggycoin; there’s nothing that quite garners attention more than children, and the concept of being a currency that educates people of all ages, in an entertaining and enjoyable manner, stuck with me.
You little PiggyPals are going to have it so great when you get involved with this coin. I mean, if I can have fun with it as a student, then you definitely can as a child, and even as a parent who will get to see your child develop as they learn.
To me, there’s not much that is greater than being able to help to teach children core values, which is another thing that really gravitated me towards Piggycoin. It stands for everything I stand for. Nurturing creativity and a child’s imagination; Disregarding prejudice and discrimination; Building a community around the human acts of kindness and friendship.
When the extremely determined development team asked me to come on board to write for Piggycoin, I jumped at the chance, and I cannot wait to see the Piggycoin project progress.